2014 Turnover in the Human Services
Turnover in the Human Services with a Special Focus: Residential Service Providers

Using detailed data from the annual human services compensation survey completed by 222 organizations, the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities has prepared another invaluable tool, the 2014 Turnover Report.

Organizations can utilize the 2014 Turnover Report to compare their annual staff turnover rate to other nonprofits by operating budget, region, and staff category. At the request of Alliance members, the report also includes a special focus on organizations that provide residential services either as a primary service/operation, or provide residential services, but not as their primary operation.

The report will assist organizations with the rising cost of employee turnover. According to American Progress, the cost of replacing an employee clusters between 10-30 percent of an employee’s annual salary. In addition, the report can help determine if the organizational staff turnover rate could be a problem, as human resource experts estimate a 10-15 percent annual turnover rate is healthy, but anything over 20 percent warrants some further investigation.

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